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That episode was totally better than all the rest of the episodes in this (half) season put together. This is what I've been waiting for! This is the show I love!!!

Brief impressions:

- LOVE LOVE LOVE the Gaius that is in Caprica Six's head. It is SO perfect to see him playing this role - to perfection! - after seeing the Six in his head all this time. It really got me excited thinking about how each one is complementing the other... fake Six brings Gaius her Cylon-ness and fake Gaius gives Six some of his humanity. He's like Jiminy Cricket! OMG can you imagine the hilarity that will ensue if the physical Gaius and Six ever manage to get in the same room together??

- LOVE Caprica Six and Boomer!! Yay, my Sharon is back! I bet some people will be screaming with outrage about how these two are suddenly acting all compassionate etc but it was completely believable to me. Sharon obviously we are predisposed to believe in. But I think Six's personality adjustment was handled so deftly that it didn't strike me as odd at all. Death and rebirth was clearly a traumatic experience, and just as clearly Six *was* corrupted by her time with Gaius.

- The rebirth memory sequences at the beginning of the show - excellent. IMO this is how flashbacks should be used.

- The baby's birth - I so love Doc Cottle/Caudle/whatever - "You went to a lot of trouble to look like humans, yet you didn't bother to upgrade the plumbing" - lolol. I was a bit disappointed at the completely trite and predictable "we'll tell them the baby died" plot. I was suitably outraged from the word go that they were going to take Sharon's baby away from her. It will be interesting to see how this develops. To me the most fascinating part of it is how Gaius kept the truth a secret from his Six. Whose side is he on anyway??? And, I think it would have made for a better plot if they had actually killed another baby to take the hybrid's place. It was entirely too convenient that they just happened to have a dead baby around of the same age, sex and general physical characteristics. I'd have liked to see Roslin forced to choose between her brilliant plan and an innocent life. I'm not the biggest Roslin fan these days, can you tell?

- The return of Riley Anders - I don't care. I am pretty fed up with Kara/Lee these days and enough time has gone by for me to not be annoyed by him. He was a useful tool in this episode and frankly if he's going to make Kara happy, have at it.

- Sooo much about the Cylons was explained to me in this episode, questions I've had since the miniseries. THANK YOU Ron Moore.

- Last but not least: Six bashing in D'Anna's head with a rock - PRICELESS. YOU GO GIRL. LEAD THE REVOLUTION.

- Ok, really super last - Caprica Six/Sharon femslash is needed STAT.

I'm sure I'll have more thoughts later but for now I am excited to go out and see what everyone else thought of the episode!
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