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New season (spoilers for premiere episode)

Well, here we are, off hiatus now that BSG is back.

Unfortunately, I was unable to stay active here and also at gaeta_squee, but the lovely ingridmatthews stepped up to take it in hand. I'm retiring back to my usual role as lurk-y spear-carrying fan who occasionally posts and/or comments.

Just finished watching Season 3 episode opener and wow, I was blown away. Gaeta was more cute and cuddly than ever - and what a hero! - but he made me nervous by constantly exposing himself to such obvious danger.

Not even sure I can form coherent thoughts about the episode right now. It was so wrenching, and not even really because of the obvious parallels with insurgents. It struck me that occupation is such a familiar story in human history. It makes me think of all the stories I've heard about WWII, not to mention every other war. I think that's why it had such an impact - the writers cleverly used so many touchstones - so many elements that are familiar from every story of occupation. What hell.

I caught myself thinking several times throughout the episode "Well, that's it, they're all gonna die right now."

A lot of things about the Cylons still aren't adding up and I get the feeling the writers are struggling with that as well - we seem to have been handed many different motivations and explanations for their behavior. It hasn't seemed to be misdirection so much as "crap, we better come up with a better idea or the series will dead end."

I wasn't unhappy about the introduction of Kara's "child", although some will probably be screaming for Ron Moore's head. I've actually expected that to happen since "The Farm". I loved Kara so much when she stabbed Leoben to death, and even more when I found it she'd done it five times. Back to the kid, though - I fully expect to find out that the kid was programmed to have that fall, in a deliberate bid for sympathy.

Oh yeah - what's up with them spelling her name "Candice" now on the credits??

Got to go read reactions now. I haven't been on LJ in any form for a few months, actually.... feeling rusty.
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