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Well, I just now finished watching last night's episode. For the last two weeks I haven't been able to catch them on Friday night. And here are my thoughts, after two glasses of wine, mind you. Be warned.

I've been going through something really weird with this season. I still like the show, I still enjoy watching it, I still think it's brilliant (though not as much as I did in season 1), but damned if it isn't a huge downer. Every. Single. Week. I am left with nothing but negative feelings.

I wished for the deaths of many characters during this episode. Seriously. I was so worn out and frustrated by them that I sincerely wished for their death. I think the first one was Baltar. Then I wanted Tigh to be dead. I fully expected him to shoot himself in the head during that one scene, or for someone to find him hanging in his quarters or dead of alcohol poisoning. I guess it was mainly those two I wanted dead. Well, Kat, but I've never liked her much. I think part of it is that everything plotwise seems to be so damned predictable anymore that I'm longing for more of those "WTF???" moments we used to have. I'm willing to sacrifice a character just so I can be surprised.

I was very pissed off at Adama for his callous treatment of Kara (when he said she used to be like a daughter to him, but no more). I wish I could think that he's doing it on purpose to try and snap her out of it, but I don't think he is. It pisses me off that no one seems to realize what she went through. I'm guessing she hasn't really told anyone about it, but they've got to know that she was a Cylon prisoner for months, surely? Can't they fill in the blanks and cut her a little slack? Why hasn't anyone reached out to her?

I did find it very interesting the different ways that Kara and Tigh reacted to Adama's ultimatum. I think Kara shows her true heroic nature because no matter what gets thrown at her, she doesn't know how to give up. She doesn't go drink herself senseless. She gives herself a moment of crazy girl hacking off own hair behavior, and then she picks herself up and goes on. Tigh, OTOH has shown his true, psycho colors to me quite plainly this season. I think the writers better watch out because they are in danger of Kara becoming the only truly compelling, sympathetic character for some fans. I love her to bits but they should be sharing out the screen time some more so we don't forget that we actually like other characters, too.

Speaking of heroes the only "fun" part of the episode for me was of course Gaeta's scene. WOOBIE!!! <3 <3 <3 He was so cute. And smart. I don't really have anything intelligent to say about that. Except that he rocks. And he should never cut his hair. and he should get more screentime, and also should have a musical number.

What else... Still trying to figure out what exactly that "hybrid" chick on the Cylon ship was all about. I was very happy to have more Cylon mysteries surface - "We don't talk about them. Ever." - about the other 5 models - awesome.

I'm looking forward to next week's show, but I wish I had some reason to believe that there will be some bright spots ahead.

Oh... one last thought. Am I the only one who thought that scene with Lee and Helo in the locker room discussing Lee's physique was totally gay???? Have I been reading slash so long that I see it wherever I go?
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