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21st February 2007

12:25am: Yes, folks, I have risen from the dead the apathy.

I needed a good kick in the pants to get me active again. It came in the form of ingridmatthews, cerebel, rapfic and many others making me realize that I am/could be enjoying the fandom and the fic much more than I have been enjoying the actual show lately.

I felt a break between my experience watching the show and my experience in fandom some time ago. I felt that fandom participation was detracting from my ability to love the show. I was confused and hurt by a lot of the opinions and negativity I saw on the part of some fans. So I retreated, I occasionally lurked, I withdrew.

I was wrong.

The show was jumping the shark and it had nothing to do with my fandom. I threw the baby out and kept the bathwater, so to speak.

I want to try again to hold on to the things and people I love about the show. I want to ignore all the bad things going on in canon and immerse myself in the warm comforting embrace of fanon.

So if you see me around again, commenting, posting, friending you, that's my explanation in a nutshell. I freaked out, I left, and now I want to come home. I blame Ron Moore for everything. ;)
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14th December 2006

9:57pm: O.o
On the twelfth day of Christmas, gaetas_poptart sent to me...
Twelve boofadils drumming
Eleven realtanalas piping
Ten lees_spacetarts a-leaping
Nine munchkin62s dancing
Eight queenofthorns a-milking
Seven themonkeycabals a-swimming
Six niobedancings a-laying
Five ingri-i-i-id_ms
Four geeks
Three cylons
Two space captains
...and an apollo in a kara/lee.
Get your own Twelve Days:

11th November 2006

8:22pm: BSG 11-10-06
Not even going to try to number the episodes. I mean the episode that was on last night.

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So, even with all that, I didn't hate the show last night. Didn't feel real strongly about it either way. I'll keep watching. If only for hopes of more Gaeta screentime.

5th November 2006

5:12am: BSG
Well, I just now finished watching last night's episode. For the last two weeks I haven't been able to catch them on Friday night. And here are my thoughts, after two glasses of wine, mind you. Be warned.

Cut for length...Collapse )

Oh... one last thought. Am I the only one who thought that scene with Lee and Helo in the locker room discussing Lee's physique was totally gay???? Have I been reading slash so long that I see it wherever I go?
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21st October 2006

6:10am: Reactions
OK, cut because it's still Friday night...

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Time to go out and see what everyone else thought. :) And collect new icons, hopefully...
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14th October 2006

11:06am: new episode 10-13-06
*More specific thoughts on the episode under the cut, but no spoilers past last night's ep.*

Ok, I was too tired to post last night after the episode. Main thought: It was a good episode in that it was suspenseful and kept me glued to the tv wanting to see what would happen next. It as actually painful when I saw the end credits and knew I'd have to wait another week to see what happened. So I was entertained, but not totally sucked in and emotionally connected to the show. The main thought I kept having over and over was "Wow, that would make a good icon", which means there was a lot of pretty to look at, lots of striking visual images, but the fact that I kept thinking that means I wasn't that deeply into it.

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I think that's it for now. Now I'm off to read everyone else's reactions...

6th October 2006

11:53pm: and also
I know i missed some major changes on LJ while i was gone. I changed my viewing scheme back to Xcolibur. But what's up with my friends page not being in chronological order any more????
11:01pm: New season (spoilers for premiere episode)
Well, here we are, off hiatus now that BSG is back.

Unfortunately, I was unable to stay active here and also at gaeta_squee, but the lovely ingridmatthews stepped up to take it in hand. I'm retiring back to my usual role as lurk-y spear-carrying fan who occasionally posts and/or comments.

Just finished watching Season 3 episode opener and wow, I was blown away. Gaeta was more cute and cuddly than ever - and what a hero! - but he made me nervous by constantly exposing himself to such obvious danger.

Not even sure I can form coherent thoughts about the episode right now. It was so wrenching, and not even really because of the obvious parallels with insurgents. It struck me that occupation is such a familiar story in human history. It makes me think of all the stories I've heard about WWII, not to mention every other war. I think that's why it had such an impact - the writers cleverly used so many touchstones - so many elements that are familiar from every story of occupation. What hell.

I caught myself thinking several times throughout the episode "Well, that's it, they're all gonna die right now."

A lot of things about the Cylons still aren't adding up and I get the feeling the writers are struggling with that as well - we seem to have been handed many different motivations and explanations for their behavior. It hasn't seemed to be misdirection so much as "crap, we better come up with a better idea or the series will dead end."

I wasn't unhappy about the introduction of Kara's "child", although some will probably be screaming for Ron Moore's head. I've actually expected that to happen since "The Farm". I loved Kara so much when she stabbed Leoben to death, and even more when I found it she'd done it five times. Back to the kid, though - I fully expect to find out that the kid was programmed to have that fall, in a deliberate bid for sympathy.

Oh yeah - what's up with them spelling her name "Candice" now on the credits??

Got to go read reactions now. I haven't been on LJ in any form for a few months, actually.... feeling rusty.

22nd March 2006

2:20pm: Interest cloud!!!

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4th March 2006

11:26am: Lay Down Your Burdens part 1
Not much to say about last night's episode except -


It's like they wanted to make up for all those episodes where we only saw him for two seconds.

When the episode was over, I thought "I enjoyed that". That's all. It was an enjoyable episode but nothing to write home (or LJ) about. I already knew about a lot of the stuff that they were setting up last night, so maybe it wasn't exciting because nothing was a surprise, but it was still entertaining.

I really can't wait for next week, because I know a couple things that are supposed to happen, and I know there's supposed to be a big mindfrak at the end (I have been avoiding spoilers because I don't want to know what it is.)

OH! One of the best moments - Roslin telling Gaius to go frak himself. hee. I loved Gaius in this ep... he seems to resemble Invisible Asshole Gaius a lot more these days. (I stole that nickname from someone, I don't remember who.) I hppe we get to see the Caprica cylons again next week.

I was a little perplexed at the whole "priest" storyline... we've hardly seen the Chief at all lately and then suddenly we drop in on a therapy session? weird. I hope it was just a device and it doesn't end up meaning anything, because if one of them turns out to be a cylon it will have been way too heavy-handed.

Can't wait to see what happens next...

25th February 2006

12:02am: Woooohoooooo!
That episode was totally better than all the rest of the episodes in this (half) season put together. This is what I've been waiting for! This is the show I love!!!

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I'm sure I'll have more thoughts later but for now I am excited to go out and see what everyone else thought of the episode!

11th February 2006

11:19am: Sacrifice Billy, Billy, Billy
Well, I had a sinus headache last night after BSG so I didn't make it online to read and discuss. I still had the headache when I woke up this morning, but it's getting a little better after taking some decongestant. As usual I am going to post my thoughts before reading anyone else's.

PS I am spoiled now but I will always post a spoiler warning if I'm going to talk about anything in an unaired episode. No spoilers here.

SacrificeCollapse )

Overall, I thought it was a great episode. Maybe not the most original plotline, but definitely back on track with the BSG I know and love. Not quite up to its old standards, but I can't help but love an episode that was so focused on Billy.

4th February 2006

11:22am: Ok, writing my thoughts on last night's episode down before I read anyone else's...

I thought it was a pretty good episode. At first I really hated how they used that stupid "80 hours ago" thing again... is this the third week in a row they've done it? But I think it actually worked a lot better for this ep. Although the thing they did at the end, where they re-showed a bunch of stuff that they had already shown us at the beginning, was extremely annoying. Yeah, it was cut with a few more images, but I kept thinking "Every second on this show is so precious and you're wasting how many minutes showing us the same flashbacks twice??"

Kara and Lee - awesome. On the one hand: Lee, why couldn't you just shut up and be a man and take her? On the other hand: it was a pretty accurate depiction, knowing what we know about the two of them. Very believable to me. It was great to see Kara open up a little bit and tell him the truth about a few things. The emotional intimacy was way more... intimate... than the physical intimacy. But I'm really wondering if Lee is gay. I mean honestly, you have Kara half undressed, she's flat on her back ripping at your pants and begging you for it and you're saying "Slow down"?!?!? What's wrong with you?

And, Kara thinking about Blanders while she's got LEE on top of her???? Blasphemy. They did sell me on the idea that Kara feels really, really guilty about not being able to go back for him, and that yeah, she had and still has mushy feelings for him. It's tearing her up, and I interpreted that scene as her being desperate to run away from those memories, trying to move so fast to have someone else's body in her so she doesn't have to remember Blanders anymore. I'm not saying I wouldn't have been just as happy if they had cut out all those lame flashbacks and just let her frak him, but I do think this is more real. I never liked Blanders much, but clearly Kara did. And Lee's remark to her - "you're fine with dead guys, it's the living ones you have a problem with" - that did her a disservice. That might have been true once, but she's really going through some serious grieving for Blanders and Lee doesn't seem to respect that.

Kat - I've never liked her. Ever. And this show just made me hate her more. Kara should never have let her get away with that attitude - whether what Kat said was right or not, Kara should have smacked her down and said "Listen, bitch, you got a problem with something you talk to me about it alone. Don't you ever disrespect me in front of the pilots." That goes to show that Kara's just not used to being in command.

That's all I can think of now. Except big thumbs-down because the only time we saw Gaeta was a blurry view of him in the background for like two seconds in one scene. I'm actually cautiously happy that we haven't seen more of him, because if we did, it would probably mean they were setting him up to get beaten up, raped, kidnapped, or thrown out an airlock as a Cylon. Moore and co. have not been kind to the on-stage characters this season.

Next week looks good, though. I'm excited about that.

28th January 2006

11:39am: Well, BSG is back on the air and we've seen three new episodes.

A while back I had abandoned this journal because with no new BSG to watch I just had nothing to talk about. I'd already talked about the old episodes so much I didn't want to spend the hiatus months hashing it out even more. I didn't even want to read fic because it was too depressing not to have any new canon.

So now the show is back, and after a few weeks' delay, so am I.

I didn't blog after the first few new episodes because I was just getting back into the swing of things, and I found they really depressed me. So many bad things happened, and to characters I really care about. I've been going through a really stressful time with life in general this month and I just wanted everyone to be happy.

Then, I've got the guilt of taking off when I know that the BSG community, people I used to talk to a lot, were still here, still talking. I mean, it's kind of rude to start a community and then leave it to its own devices for several months. Once again, thank gods for ingridmatthews. I guess I'm afraid no one will want to talk to me anymore. But, I was worried about that when I first appeared, too... I don't think anyone really cares. Sometimes people tend to act irrationally on LJ, though, so I guess we'll just have to see.

Thoughts on Black MarketCollapse )

30th November 2005

7:11am: :(
sigh. Yes, officially on hiatus until BSG new episodes start. It depresses me too much to read about it and not have new shows, and I feel really guilty when I don't check in for weeks and then have too much to catch up on. I figured it would be better to just not do anything until it starts up again. Hopefully there will still be people willing to talk to me then...

6th November 2005

10:45pm: I suck
I have to admit it - I'm a fair-weather fan. sob. Ever since the show has stopped airing new episodes (or any episodes at the same time on Friday nights) I find it harder and harder to be involved in fandom. Other things just seem to be more pressing without that weekly spur.

I finally am making myself say so on my journal: my presence is going to keep being very spotty until new episodes start again. I feel bad, but I just can't keep feeling bad about it. I'll start talking again in January, and if the friends I've made here still want to talk to me then, that will be great. :(
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25th October 2005

12:40am: waaah.
I was out of town for a couple days over the weekend, caught a rerun of an old episode, and remembered how much I miss the show. I'm still not back up to full LJ strength - haven't been devoting the hour or two every day to reading the flist and all the fic.

And, ingridmatthews has posted like 14 new fics since I last looked and they look really really really good and I can't wait to read them but I can't do it tonight because I am very tired.

I am truly caught between my two obsessions. I need someone to come over and hide my Sims cd so they will quit sucking my time away and start letting me get back to the important stuff, namely BSG discussions.

why so long until January...

/meandering post that lacks a real point

except, oooh! Perfect icon for this post. :) I am starting to get a collection of Gaeta icons appropriate for every possible occasion. yay!
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20th October 2005

1:18am: A Poll! yes, for YOU!
X-posted from gaeta_squee. If you're not over there yet, well what the heck are you waiting for? :) Vote anyway, though. You can see all the drabbles by going to the community and clicking on the memories.

* * * * *

I will be out of town tomorrow and Friday night, won't be home until Saturday. So, I won't be able to read or post comments to new entries (including any made today). And, no new drabbles for a few days. I decided to give you a poll to keep you busy for the few seconds it usually takes to read a drabble. ;)

I haven't written anything over a hundred words for awhile, and am thinking about expanding one of the drabbles I've done. Vote for which one you think I should do! Everyone can vote - community members, stalkers, random LJers, what have you.

* * * * *

Poll #594409 Drabble expansion!

Which drabble deserves more words?

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19th October 2005

1:04am: iconses
quick note. because it's hours past my bedtime.

I did it - I upgraded my icon storage!!! http://www.livejournal.com/allpics.bml?user=gaetas_poptart

I've been piling up the gaeta icons, and tonight I found the cutest, cuddliest south park bsg icons ever (here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/kidblink83/10376.html)

i am way too tired to make the links pretty. and i still hvae more to upload tomorrow. but this was a good start, i feel.
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30th September 2005

1:49am: ok, just one more...
Gaetas_poptart in Questions Later
In this non-stop masterpiece, gaetas_poptart (Lucy Liu) is an undercover secret agent with a terrible past. She has to get to kaseido (Martin Lawrence) before her nemesis, boofadil (Ashley Judd), harms him. For no apparent reason, she forces her way into an underground caravan. Unfortunately, a cavalcade of elite male strippers stands in her way.
Produced by ianiceboy
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1:47am: I'm a star! and ingridmatthews is queen latifah!
Gaetas_poptart in The Trials of Gaetas_poptart
gaetas_poptart (Maggie Smith) has just cracked the secret the Senate passcodes. Daring to challenge our views on government, her faith in her party is in question, and ingridmatthews, her publicist (Queen Latifah), is being frightfully unhelpful. adafrog (Whitney Houston) organises perspicacity itself. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. It would seem that dialogue is not immune.
Produced by ianiceboy
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28th September 2005

5:01pm: Apropos of nothing...
Trick or treat!Collapse )
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23rd September 2005

11:47pm: The PegasusCollapse )
Current Mood: depressed
6:53pm: I'm crying again, like I have been for a good hour off and on. something happened that made me realize how important this community really is to me.

Someone on one of my flists, someone I kind of know through fandom but not well, had just posted a short note about how sad she was, and a link to this journal: kielle. I went there and checked it out, going a few posts back to figure out what had happened. Something made me want to go farther back in her journal, find out who she was, what she posted about.

What I found was heartbreaking because she was a person just like me, or any one of the people on my flists. By rights I probably should have run into her around LJ by now - she was also interested in Harry Potter, LOTR, Whedonverse shows and was pretty involved in fandom. While surfing through her journal and entries she linked to, I saw a lot of familiar names, people I've seen around LJ on various discussions. Nevertheless, I somehow hadn't "met" her yet. And now she's gone.

I'm not sure how to convey why this is affecting me so deeply. If I had come across any of her posts before, I would have friended her immediately because here was someone very funny, witty, smart and introspective; someone who posted essays about how LJ changes the way we communicate, or about the shipper wars in Harry Potter fandom. Someone who took pictures of her cats, who had budgies. She titled one post "I have a theory... now don't start singing!" which made me crack up, because every time I ever hear anyone say "I have a theory" I hear the song in my head. (Buffy fans will know what I mean.) Do you see what I mean? this is someone who should have been a friend, who I wish I had found months or years ago. I cried because this was a really cool, interesting person, and now she is dead.

It doesn't even sounds real, saying it. Livejournal people are always there. I can't wrap my head around the concept that someone can be here, one of us, posting and writing fanfic and making icons and sharing funny links and memes, and then suddenly be gone. Gone. No more journal entries, ever, no more replies to comments.

I think that's about all I wanted to say. Except, people on my flist, I know I'm not always great about commenting on your posts, but I read them. Every day I go to my friends page and read what my friends have written. It's very important to me, and fun, and I friended you because I enjoy reading what you have to say. I value you and you are important to me. There's no question in my mind now that Livejournal is a real community, that everyone contributes, that this community is just as real and important to me as the one I move through physically every day. Much love and hugs to you all.

And, if you want, take a moment to remember a member of our LJ community who isn't here anymore. kielle, I didn't know you, but I will miss you.

xposted to my personal journal and my bsg fandom journal, in case you get it twice.
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22nd September 2005

10:06pm: FREAKY.
Hey guys, remember that dream I had the other night about sitting behind Katee Sackhoff (and others) on an airplane? IT REALLY HAPPENED TO SOMEONE!
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