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I was out of town for a couple days over the weekend, caught a rerun of an old episode, and remembered how much I miss the show. I'm still not back up to full LJ strength - haven't been devoting the hour or two every day to reading the flist and all the fic.

And, ingridmatthews has posted like 14 new fics since I last looked and they look really really really good and I can't wait to read them but I can't do it tonight because I am very tired.

I am truly caught between my two obsessions. I need someone to come over and hide my Sims cd so they will quit sucking my time away and start letting me get back to the important stuff, namely BSG discussions.

why so long until January...

/meandering post that lacks a real point

except, oooh! Perfect icon for this post. :) I am starting to get a collection of Gaeta icons appropriate for every possible occasion. yay!
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