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Well, BSG is back on the air and we've seen three new episodes.

A while back I had abandoned this journal because with no new BSG to watch I just had nothing to talk about. I'd already talked about the old episodes so much I didn't want to spend the hiatus months hashing it out even more. I didn't even want to read fic because it was too depressing not to have any new canon.

So now the show is back, and after a few weeks' delay, so am I.

I didn't blog after the first few new episodes because I was just getting back into the swing of things, and I found they really depressed me. So many bad things happened, and to characters I really care about. I've been going through a really stressful time with life in general this month and I just wanted everyone to be happy.

Then, I've got the guilt of taking off when I know that the BSG community, people I used to talk to a lot, were still here, still talking. I mean, it's kind of rude to start a community and then leave it to its own devices for several months. Once again, thank gods for ingridmatthews. I guess I'm afraid no one will want to talk to me anymore. But, I was worried about that when I first appeared, too... I don't think anyone really cares. Sometimes people tend to act irrationally on LJ, though, so I guess we'll just have to see.

Nothing that everyone else hasn't already said, really. I didn't love the episode but I didn't hate it, either. For me there wasn't a lot of substance... nothing there to hate, really. I was annoyed by the extensive use of flashbacks and, indeed, the sudden appearance of a huge Lee backstory that had never even been hinted at before. Two, actually, if you count the dead fiancee as one and the hooker as another one.

I also started seriously disliking Roslin last week and this week didn't help much. Maybe it would help if we spent some more time with her, got to see what is really going on inside her head.

Overall, I guess it was as good as an episode can be without any Gaeta, Sharon, Helo, Chief, or Starbuck.

One last thing... regarding Kara/Lee. I kind of feel like I've been sucker punched. The show starts, and first Ron shows us these two people that are both adorable and clearly care for each other and would be sooo good together. We spend a season or so being shown more evidence of this... look how much they love each other, how strong they make each other, how well they work together. We also get that element of tragedy... here's why they can't be together: they both have a lot of angst and neither wants to risk being rejected.

But then it seems like it changed. Suddenly we are shown a lot of OTHER reasons why they can't be together. Kara falls in love with some other guy (Blanders) and apparently can't stop thinking about him. Lee is grieving for his dead fiancee. Lee has a quasi-relationship with a hooker, and flirts with Dualla. These are much more serious issues than mere angst. Now we're being shown two people who it seems less and less likely they could ever be together. Die-hard shippers will say that all of these things are just ways Kara and Lee have to deny the obvious and to run away from each other, but my honest take on it is that Ron is deliberately introducing more and more serious obstacles.

I seem to have run out of steam... that's all I've got for this week. Pray to the lords of Kobol that next will there will be Gaeta.
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