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Sacrifice Billy, Billy, Billy

Well, I had a sinus headache last night after BSG so I didn't make it online to read and discuss. I still had the headache when I woke up this morning, but it's getting a little better after taking some decongestant. As usual I am going to post my thoughts before reading anyone else's.

PS I am spoiled now but I will always post a spoiler warning if I'm going to talk about anything in an unaired episode. No spoilers here.

or The Sacrifice, or whatever it was called.

I was pleased with the episode. Last week I was so frustrated I abandoned my "no spoilers" policy. I figured if I knew about bad things before they happened, I wouldn't be reduced to hysterical breakdowns when they actually did happen. So I went off and joined thesecretcylon and that Television Without Pity forum, and studied every spoiler I could find. So I'm confident I know the basic breakdown of what will happen in each episode for the rest of the season, most of the major events. Still, there are always surprises, whether it's in the way they do things, or things that never got leaked.

That said, I was happy I'd been spoiled for last night, but it still didn't help too much.

What I didn't like was the way that it's yet another episode that takes part somewhat outside the main story and could esily stand alone. At least this time they had more major players involved and we got some great relationship stuff, but the episodes that have always been my favorites were the ones that were all part of a grand sweeping arc.

Also, I crossed my fingers several times, but NO ONE shot Ellen Tigh. WHY??? It would have been so beautiful. Still, the actress who plays Ellen was wonderful as always. I loved the way she was acting with Lee, especially when she thinks he's taking into the bathroom for a quickie.

OK, so, Dualla. It was funny when she said to Lee "I don't really know what to make of us"... tell it, sister, because I sure don't either. I'm marginally more ok with that pairing... I realized that no matter how much I might want it different the writers persist with this silly relationship, so I'm resigned. What was really hard was facing the way the she totally played Billy. I realized that before I liked Dualla for herself, I liked her because she was with Billy. I liked the way she was with him, always keeping him on his toes. The way they were together. How can anyone not love Billy? Now, we might say Billy's an idiot for not knowing what was going on. But they made it clear last week (with the cute sit up scene) that Dualla was keeping him completely in the dark. She gave him no reason to suspect. Why would she do that? Poor Billy offering his class ring... and she just tells him "no"?!?!

This was hard for me because I never understood why she suddenly liked Lee, and so I never understood what changed her feelings for Billy, either. I don't get her at all. Most of all I don't get why she didn't talk to Billy and tell him the truth. She's out on a public date with Lee... clearly this was not some secretive fumbling in the dark thing. How could she... how DARE she... disrespect Billy to that level?

This also adds a lot of fuel to the "Lee is a MANWHORE" argument. I don't even really care, he was never one of my favorites.

So, back to Billy. I knew he was going to die. even if I hadn't known, I definitely would have suspected it from the way the beginning was devoted to his flashbacks. I kept expecting it to happen, and then it wouldn't. When the time actually came, I watched dry-eyed. I thought, This is great. I knew he was going to die. If I hadn't known already I'd be bawling right now! The saddest part was the way that no one even noticed he was dead for a few minutes. Dee was too busy caterwauling over Lee's flesh wound to notice that Billy was dead. I was very glad that she eventually noticed, but I was not sympathetic to her pain. I guess if he meant that much to you, you should have thought about it before you treated him like trash. The jury's still out on how I feel about Dee.

So, well and good. The whole Starbuck thing... spoilers had it that she was going to shoot him because she was drunk... ha, so not true. I do think she frakked up by jumping the gun (literally) but it's not like she was falling down drunk. I also did not enjoy the writers hitting us over the head at the end. LOOK SEE HOW NOW KARA IS THE ONE STANDING IN THE SHADOWS SPYING ON LEE. Well, I think it was good for her to see that. Now she knows Lee's had this thing going on as well as his hooker woman and that should give her some insights into his character.

Very intrigued by Sharon. Why will she not tell him who the Cylons in the fleet are? From her POV you'd think she's desperate to do anything to save her baby and/or get her better treatment. If I was her I'd be spilling my guts.

Loved the way the show ended... seeing Roslin's reaction to Billy's death went a long way towards making me like her again. That scene actually brought a few tears to my eyes.

Then the show ended, the credits rolled, and I started quietly sobbing as it really hit me. Billy's gone. I had a good cry and thought I guess knowing about it in advance just postponed the hysterics after all.

Overall, I thought it was a great episode. Maybe not the most original plotline, but definitely back on track with the BSG I know and love. Not quite up to its old standards, but I can't help but love an episode that was so focused on Billy.
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