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new episode 10-13-06

*More specific thoughts on the episode under the cut, but no spoilers past last night's ep.*

Ok, I was too tired to post last night after the episode. Main thought: It was a good episode in that it was suspenseful and kept me glued to the tv wanting to see what would happen next. It as actually painful when I saw the end credits and knew I'd have to wait another week to see what happened. So I was entertained, but not totally sucked in and emotionally connected to the show. The main thought I kept having over and over was "Wow, that would make a good icon", which means there was a lot of pretty to look at, lots of striking visual images, but the fact that I kept thinking that means I wasn't that deeply into it.

One reason is I really don't like D'Anna. I mean, I think she's a good character, and I like Lucy Lawless. But I really don't think we need yet another Cylon character who is "not like all the other Cylons", another "defective" model that thinks too much and gets attached to humans and wants to love. Yes, one of the themes they seem to be hitting us repeatedly over the head with is that occupation changes the captors as well as the captives. Ok, fine, but I don't think it's a coincidence that they are choosing Lucy Lawless's character to have the extra screen time character development. I don't fault them for it, but it's jarring because D'Anna isn't a character I'm used to thinking about much, and I don't like that it seems she's going to be put up there to compete with Boomer and Six for "most likeable Cylon".

I guess overall it's been a rough transition from the skinjobs as heartless killers who want to wipe out the entire race, to conflicted tyrants who aren't just killing all the humans for some reason. I think the problem is the HUGE time leap we had from seeing Caprica Six and Sharon lead their little uprising on Caprica to the present time. We didn't really see how they got from point A to point B, what their original plans had been, etc.

Things that really annoyed me:
-the "Previously..." moments that I've never seen before, as usual.
-the very weird effed-up way the beginning of the episode went over the same few minutes as the end of last week, except different stuff happened? WTF? That was all very confusing to me.
-"One hour earlier" - just STOP IT ALREADY with that.
-No Gaeta.
-Helo's stupid hair.
-Tigh not bitchslapping Ellen when he found out what she did.

I think that's it for now. Now I'm off to read everyone else's reactions...
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