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OK, cut because it's still Friday night...

Ok, first and foremost: ARRRGH RON MOORE you better not harm a HAIR on Gaeta's HEAD. OR ELSE!!111!!!111!

I had been spoiled for the Kara/Kasey resolution, so I had already been looking forward to that. I was pleased with how it worked out. LOVED seeing Kara stick a knife in Leoben again. And seeing her break into tiny little pieces... ouch. So painful.

I'm actually kind of glad that Kara and Lee are settled into their respective marriages. It feels good to get away from all the relationship angst and be able to focus on the larger plot. I fully expect there to be more drama, but still, it's been a nice break. I'm pretty much over the pilotlove obsession I had. I still like both characters, but Moore and co. have done a good job easing me into the idea that they really don't belong together. I'm a lot more comfortable with Kara/Anders - that one never really bothered me - I still think Apollo/Dee is a bizarre pairing. (BTW I noticed she's back to "Kandyse" now.) I could buy Apollo/Dee for a fling, even though I totally hated it when it started, but not as a lasting relationship. It still feels like a lame attempt by the writers to pair Apollo off with someone. And there weren't really that many female characters who had much screen time to choose from. I also totally think Dee is a cylon after her behavior in this episode. Either that or Kandyse really overacted her persuasion speech.

Gaeta, woo, he was awesome. I love how after everyone has forgotten he's in the room all the sudden he's like "You're going to get your wish, Gaius!"

I did not shed a tear at seeing the rape ship get blown up. Not at all. Karma's a bitch, ain't it, Pegasus?

Didn't really feel bad about the babynapper dying, either. I never liked her. Once again with the karma being a bitch. OK, if you want to get technical, Roslin was the babynapper. But, for some inexplicable reason I harbored a grudge against the mom (Maya?) more. Ok, now that I think about it, she's really a totally innocent victim... didn't she lose a baby in childbirth or something, and was really happy to get this other kid? and I don't think she even knew who Hera was. In fact, she was totally Roslin's puppet, now that I think about it... didn't they tell her the baby was one of Adama's lovechildren? or was that a fic I read???

Well, whatever, I still never liked her. Will be glad to see what happens with Hera and the Sharons.

I still hate Helo's hair, but I love that they showed Adama shaving. Still thought the Scottish-Braveheart-Rob Roy music they had going on was really cheesy, but I did love the last scene. It reminded me very strongly of one of the very first scenes in the miniseries, where Kara is running through the hallways, and it shows people going about their duties. Great scene - really makes us feel like it's starting all over again, which it pretty much is.

I thikn that's about it for my initial reactions. There were probably plot holes big enough to drive a battlestar through but I'm not one to worry overmuch about that. I'm still willing to suspend my disbelief for this show.

Time to go out and see what everyone else thought. :) And collect new icons, hopefully...
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