gaetas_poptart (gaetas_poptart) wrote,

BSG 11-10-06

Not even going to try to number the episodes. I mean the episode that was on last night.

Sort of bemused after last night's ep. I don't think that part in the opening sequence where it says "And they have a plan" could get any more ridiculous. The Cylons get dumber every week. And maybe my problem is that I'm still hanging on to the original vision of the Cylons as being... you know... robots. Mechanical. Logical. Not prone to common human errors such as impulsiveness, emotions getting the better of you, etc.

My biggest problem along those lines this week was the Cylon handling of the whole virus thing. HELLOOOO, dumbass... do you WANT the humans to know there's a deadly virus that you can't cure that could wipe out your entire race?

You know what, I can't even talk any more about how stupid and human the Cylons have become because it is really upsetting to me. YOU'RE BLOWING IT, RON MOORE.

What else...

Apollo going "You know, I think I may have thought of a way to end the Cylon problem forever"... made him sound REALLY THICK. As if that's not the very first thing anyone would think of the second they hear of a virus that the Cylons don't have a cure for. Which the Cylons helpfully TOLD THEM they don't have a cure for. argh.

Helo... well, at least his idiocy was in character. I've never seen him as being the sharpest tool in the shed. It's unforgivable to me the danger that he put Sharon in through his actions. He had to know that anything he did, she would be suspected of, and they would suspect him of covering up for her or acting with her.

IMO, this entire virus storyline was a horrible mistake. Again with the complacency. I never believed that the writers would let the humans commit genocide. There was never a doubt in my mind that something would happen to prevent it. When I already know the end of the story, seeing how it unfolds is less satisfying.

Why are the writers shrinking back? The show constantly fails to surprise me because they never go to the edge anymore. It's so predictable that they will set up a big conflict and then take the easy way out. I'd like to see them take some risks again. Let the characters do the thing that is more likely to happen, more in character, instead of constantly forcing them to take the safe way out. It feels more and more like a puppet show every week... watching characters being moved around like chess pieces to play their part in the writer's plot. Yes I understand that's what a TV show is, but it shouldn't feel that way. It should feel like watching stories about characters.

So, even with all that, I didn't hate the show last night. Didn't feel real strongly about it either way. I'll keep watching. If only for hopes of more Gaeta screentime.
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